2010-02-08 First update 2010
New Version! changes
  • fixed key-repetition issues
  • added IceTower (slows Creeps down)

My Java-Key-Signing-Super-Certificate expired - after restoring it the Applet remains broken :(
I'm working on it..
fixed it!
java webstart


2009-10-30 Applet
SteamTowers now runs as an applet. For better performance you should still use the webstart version..

2009-10-20 0.80 released
  • increased performance!
  • lightmap-size reduced to 256x256
java webstart

2009-10-16 0.79 released
Last update for today :)

  • maps 2 and 3 have been updated with new graphics
  • after a level is finished, you get statistics
  • if player collides with creeps he freezes for a short time
  • plus some minor bug fixes
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2009-10-16 0.78 released
I had to change the lighting completly, looks more subtle now :)
Each map can have its own ambient light now, plus multiple light sources.
New Keys: F1 turns off frame limit, F2 turns it on again.
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2009-10-15 V0.77 - Lighting Demo
Lighting Demo is now up and (hopefully) running..
..have fun :)

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2009-10-06 Lighting
After some experimenting, I managed to implement basic lighting to SteamTowers. So there may be some levels where Creeps can only be seen when they are passing a light source...

It's disco time!

2009-08-27 0.76 released
new features:
+ Towers can now be sold
+ Towers upgrade after killing a certain amount of creeps
(3 Levels, indicated through silver/gold tower bases)

known bugs:
- weird bug causing all animations to stop
- creep indicator breaks out of its bounds

java webstart

2009-08-27 website update
Translated everything to English.
From now on new versions will be posted here, listing new features and bugs.

2009-08-25 new idea
After watching Platoon last night, I've got a new idea for a game:
This maybe my next project, after finishing SteamTowers (or more likely: this will be the cause why ST will never be finished :D )

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