1. how to play SteamTowers

Your goal is to defend your base by destroying all Creeps.
The Creeps (from Outer Space!) are your enemies.
They move in pre-destined paths all the way to your base and damage it, performing extra-terrestrial kamikaze!
You have to use steam-powered towers to get rid of The Creeps.
The Towers have different strengths and weaknesses.
To defend your base, you have to choose wisely, because there is only limited space and money for towers.
They can only be built on foundations with steam-access (see red arrowed picture).

2. troubleshooting

SteamTowers does not start at all..

SteamTowers is a java program and thus needs the java runtime enviroment (jre) or java development kit (jdk) from version 1.5 on. Java is available here.
The game has been tested under linux, mac os x and windows xp/vista/7, but due to the variety of hard- and software it cannot be guaranteed to run on your system.

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